If you are having a pool installed at your home, fencing is a legal requirement, for obvious safety reasons, yet more than that, fencing off the pool offers an opportunity to boost appeal. Glass is by far the best material to use for pool fencing, as it is transparent, allowing you to see into the pool area at all times. Here are a few different ways that you can provide fencing for your pool using glass.

  • Fully Frameless Glass Fencing – This is achieved by cutting a deep channel into the floor tiles, into which are slotted the special 12mm heat treated glass panels, thus providing a seamless line of fencing, and with the gate exactly where you want it, you can the perfect glass pool fencing. The panels are secured using a special non-shrink grout, and having such a seamless glass solution adds a touch of elegance to any pool setting.
  • Spigot Fixed Glass Fencing – Marine grade stainless-steel spigots are set into the ground, into which the 12mm glass panels are fitted, and using spigots allows for a small gap (20-30mm) at the bottom of the fencing, which complies with state requirements. There is a choice of stainless-steel or a mirror finish, depending on your own preference, and these panels are tested to at least 120kg. According the State Law, the gap under a pool fence cannot exceed 100mm, and with a small gap, you can easily keep the area clean.
  • Stand-Off Fixed Frameless Glass Fencing – Stainless-steel brackets can be attached to walls or staircases, or any other item, and with glass that is cut to the perfect size, the pool fencing can be designed around immoveable objects. When you look at pool fencing in Adelaide, for example, you find many properties where a seamless solution can only be achieved in this way, and an online search will help you to locate a specialist glazier.

Benefits of the Stand-Off Fencing

If you choose to have the stand-off style, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Glass is easily removed without moving the fixings.
  2. No channel excavation required.
  3. Water and debris can flow under the fencing, making it easy to keep clean with a hose.
  4. Larger sheets of glass can be used.
  5. Grouting or expansion joints not required.
  6. Reduced labour costs.

Design Features

You might, for example, prefer a frosted glass, or a slight tint of colour, and all of this is possible with a firm that customises glass pool fencing. If you ask the company to send a technician to your home, you can discuss the various design options and he can quote you for the project.

It is always advisable to use a local company, as they would have a reputation to uphold, meaning that the level of workmanship would be very high, and with a minimum of 3 years unlimited warranty, you can be sure that your glass pool fencing will stand the test of time.

You will have to call in a pool-compliancy specialist, who will inspect the pool area, and if all is well, they will issue you with a pool compliance certificate, which is valid for three years.