Floor lumps offer much-needed illumination to room without time-consuming installation. They provide widespread ambient lighting and direct task lighting which makes them flexible enough to suit any mood desired in a room. However, picking the best floor lump can be a daunting task. Keep reading to learn about what to look for when choosing cool floor lamps:

Kinds of Floor Lamps

Although the general setup of floor lamps is the same, they come in a variety of styles that have unique functional benefits. Below are the different kinds of floor lamps:

  • Ambient floor lamps. These lamps offer general light to a room. An ambient floor lamp is topped with a conventional lampshade that diffuses the light allowing for semi-direct illumination. It is perfect for a living room corner or next to a lounge chair or sofa. Typically, this kind of floor lamps offers enough light for reading nearby.
  • Reading floor lamps. These lamps offer more direct, focused light than other kinds. A reading floor lamp is the perfect choice to bring enough lighting to your favorite nook, a desk, or a space where you do other tasks every day. It provides brighter illumination to the space below it. Some reading lamps come with a tilting shade, flexible arm, or other adjustment capabilities to move the light where you need it.
  • Arc floor lamps. These lamps combine a reading lamp and an ambient floor lamp, with a stem that extends up and out. An adjustable stem lets you move the shade directly over the space for more direct light. Some arc lamps can mimic the effect of an overhead light.
  • Uplight and torchier floor lamps. These lamps feature upward-pointing shades. This style of shade makes the light more of an accent than an ambient or task lighting. Also, the pop of lighting adds dimension to corners and walls.

Other Important Considerations

When picking a floor lamp, it is also important to consider factors such as the cost, size, height, the kind of lighting your room needs. In general, lamps with more intricate aesthetic or desirable name tend to be more expensive than others. Also, some lamps can take up more space than other types. For instance, arc floor lamps can take up more space because of their horizontal extension. In terms of the height, keep in mind that the higher the light source, the wider the spread of the light.