Installing a stair lift in your house is actually a task that should be carried out by a professional. There are several stages involved in the installation process, but you need to first make a suitable purchase. It’s best to consult with an expert when buying a stair lift. More importantly, almost all of the companies that sell stair lifts also provide installation services. Here’s a brief guide for installing one.


The first step of stair lift installation in Northampton is to take the appropriate measurements. A worker will visit your place and take measurements of the staircase where the lift is going to be installed. They will have to first install the belt or the mechanical fixture that is going to put the stair lift up or down. Once the measurements are taken, the company will install the belt.

Stair Lift Installation

Once the mechanical fixture has been installed, they are going to fix the stair lift in place. After the stair lift installation has been completed, the installation team is going to test it thoroughly to make sure that it is capable of bearing the weight. They will then instruct you on the functions and the features of the stair lift.

As you might know, new stair lifts are already covered under warranty, so in case something isn’t up to the mark, you can just call the company and they will visit your place to fix the problem without any charge.

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