Thailand, much like every other country in the world, has had to endure the economic devastation that Covid-19 brought, and if you happen to be ready for your first home purchase, now is the right time to make the commitment. Real estate abides by the same ‘supply-demand’ rules as every other commodity and when the economy suffers, fewer people are willing to make the financial commitment to buy a house.

Buyer’s Market

There are many residential housing developments that are complete and ready for occupation; take this stunning house project in Chonburi (Amata) (called โครงการบ้าน ชลบุรี อมตะ in Thai)as an example; you can move into one of these homes and pay nothing for 3 years! There have never been deals like this and with things about to return to normal, this window will quickly disappear. Search with Google for project location and details of any development that interest you, reading about the area and looking at images of the completed project.

Luxury Amenities

The housing developments on offer have fantastic facilities and amenities, with the following:

  • Saltwater swimming pool.
  • Fitness centre.
  • Convenience stores.
  • Nature areas – Small lakes in beautiful surroundings.
  • Range of services – Laundry, take out restaurants.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Essential for today’s digital world.

It is important to have good security wherever you live and the development would have at least CCTV coverage; many have round-the-clock manned security teams, that check all non-residents. You might, for example, get a call from the gate asking if you asked a plumber to come to your home; they check everyone, with no exceptions.

Flexible Home Loans

The property develop would have a working relationship with a mortgage lender that offers flexible packages, specifically ready-to-move-in packages with deferred payments, which makes things much easier. For more information on the legal aspects regarding land and property ownership, you should consult a local lawyer who is experienced with real estate matters.

Start Generating Wealth

When you buy real estate, you are making an investment and the sooner you do that, the quicker you will generate wealth as the value of your property goes up. Buying at an all-time low (now) empowers the first-time buyer, who can expect to see a considerable rise in value over the next 3-5 years. Let’s not forget that land is a finite commodity that is more sought after as the population grows and that works in your favour when you make a land and house purchase.

Start searching with Google and explore some of the amazing housing deals in Thailand at the moment and you certainly won’t regret it.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

If you and your partner are both working, you can comfortably afford to buy a low-cost home and with nothing to pay for 3 years, you can furnish the property when you move in. The number of empty properties in Thailand is a testament to the pandemic and within a few months, the economy will surge and this kind of offer will no longer be on the table.

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