The interior design industry is now paying exceptionally close attention to social media platforms after it has been repeatedly demonstrated that a single hashtag or viral video can entirely transform popular trends. This phenomenon has forced the hands of those wanting to be at the forefront of creative design, requiring them to keep a close eye on the figures behind various types of content so as to appropriately predict aesthetic changes and ensure their work remains ahead of the curve.

To demonstrate how substantial online design influence can be, as well as how quickly they can become ubiquitous in homes across the globe, we’re sharing six online trends that are becoming increasingly popular as offline interior designs.

Curved Furniture

Countering the established culture of rigged furniture design is a new trend of wavy, rounded, and altogether curvy furniture. These items are more tactile and organic, reflecting the natural shapes of biophilic designs and adding a relief from modern and industrial interiors to living spaces. Alongside shapely furniture, curved interiors are also affecting windows, doorways, and shelves, taking the edge quite literally off of living spaces.


Bold designs are returning to popularity, replacing the understatement of Japandi minimalism, being best exemplified by the new celebration of stripes. This confident design is being used to decorate furniture and interiors alike, especially as a statement wallpaper, adding an extra dimension to living spaces with complementary yet contrasting colour schemes.

Garden Retreats

Off the back of cottagecore, which perhaps remains social media’s biggest contribution to interior design trends, gardens have become the landscape for respite. Now, we are seeing residents create their own retreats and nooks in their garden spaces as a way to enjoy respite in nature. There are already a number of hashtags revolving around log cabins and zen gardens, demonstrating that outdoor spaces are a home feature to watch.


Open-plan living spaces were once celebrated as the optimum feature of a home. However, if social media trends are to be estimated, it is partitions and divided living spaces that will make for the most popular of upcoming designs. It is likely that the splitting up of living spaces is due to the rise of remote working, requiring residents to adapt their living spaces to various responsibilities.

Marble Decor

Coinciding with a revived affection for natural materials, such as stone and wood, marble is making a huge comeback with a number of TikTok personalities describing it as the height of quality design. Countertops have long been a fantastic vehicle for marble to be brought into a home, however, a new generation of designers are finding creative ways to utilise this valuable material, such as with fireplace surrounds and bathroom backsplashes.


Whether under the guise of regencycore or a royal hashtag, decadence is a wide-reaching interior design trend that cannot be ignored. Modern homeowners are embracing stylish embellishments, such as gold and crystal, to instill their living spaces with a brilliance and value. This trend is certainly related to a shared cultural nostalgia, with many looking back on the simplicity and indulgence of history with fondness.