Moving can be exciting but also a bit stressful! To take some of the stress off finding your new living quarters, you can make a checklist of things to look for during your search. Retirement complexes offer seniors an active and social lifestyle, activities, less maintenance, and care. No wonder so many seniors end up moving to a retirement complex.

There are many types of retirement complexes you can move into, whether it be a luxury retirement complex, an independent living complex, or a complex with continuing care. Whatever needs or stage of your life you’re in as a senior; a retirement complex can offer benefits that you may need. Keep reading to find out five things to look for in a retirement complex to add to your list.

Location is Key

Location, location, location! Location is everything. When searching for a home, you may have learned quickly that it is all about where you live. Before retirement, you may have chosen a house close to your work, so you didn’t have to commute so far or close to family.

As it was with your home search, it will also be with your retirement complex search. Perhaps you want to be still close to family or in an area with many accessible grocery stores and healthcare close by. You do not want to be in the middle of nowhere if transportation is an issue. Many seniors are happy with their retirement complex choices when they are close to entertainment. I.E., shopping centers, restaurants, doctor’s offices.

Another desirable thing to watch out for is if the retirement complex’s walkability. For example, if it is easy to get around the complex on foot.

Cost of Living

While you’re in retirement, you want to make your retirement savings stretch. Cost of living is the next thing on our list to look out for. When you are looking at different retirement complexes, consider what the cost of living will be and how that fits into your budget.

Most retirees will have a fixed income to live off each month. You may have one complex or one city in mind to live in. Still, if the cost of living is higher than expected, you should consider looking in surrounding areas.

Another thing to investigate is what the taxes will be. Certain states have a state income tax, while other states do not. If you’re looking to maximize your earnings each month, looking into state tax laws can help you stretch that retirement money.


Suppose you have a particular lifestyle you are used to. In that case, the retirement complex you choose to live in can undoubtedly have an impact. Living in a retirement complex with convenient access to things you are used to in your current lifestyle will make all the difference.

For example, if you go to the gym regularly, finding a good gym close by or even within your retirement complex is something to look out for. If you enjoy going out to restaurants or shopping, find out if the complexes you are looking at offer such things close by. Everyone has their lifestyle preference; make sure yours matches or comes close to your retirement complex’s offerings and location.

Access to Care

You may be in the stage of your life when you need care. Researching if a complex offers care or good healthcare facilities close by is a good idea. Areas close to a city will most likely provide various options when it comes to doctors and hospitals.


When choosing your retirement complex, you should feel safe walking around and doing most activities without worrying about your security. Is the area surrounding the complex safe? Is there a visitor check-in area? Are there security cameras and someone watching the doors of who goes in and out? What about a nearby E.R.? Keep a lookout for these security measures to ensure you feel safe and secure in your new living space.


Take your time looking for a retirement complex and look for things that will make your experience living there a happy one. You want to make sure your needs are met wherever you choose to live. Take our list of five things to look for in a retirement complex and make your list, too.

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