RE2URRECTION Designers: O.M.M. Fashion Group

December 5, 2013
Corey Bertrand

O.M.M. Fashion Group was not always a dynamic trio. Linsey Osborne and Torin Mitchell first collaborated the spring of 2012 and created the line named ThirdGender. The initial vision for the line was to design for the woman of strength and power. ThirdGender swiftly began production on its first concept shoot summer 2012 in efforts to promote the brand. With the assistance from master seamstress Nathalie Mack (Linsey’s Mother), Linsey and Torin’s designs went from paper to a surreal reality. The shoot let to strong photos but the financial support they needed wasn’t provided and the team had to temporarily part ways.

Linsey then joined forces with Nathalie in the Spring of 2013 to create another line named L

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